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Trapeze Talk, With Paula Blackwelder Of Circus Nation TV Network

Trapeze Talk, With Paula Blackwelder Of Circus Nation TV Network

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It's the Worlds simplest speediest platform to navigate videos. Like a regular TV channel, only more dynamic. Comes with "Pure Search" a patented method to search videos two times faster than regular keyword search. Show and tell your story and engage with users in real time using our ?Ask Us interactive communications tool. Join as a member of Healthy Home Association or even form you own network theme, for your type business or organization.


The Power Of Numbers

Healthy Home is built on the patented power of Unique channel numbers. In our day-to-day activities, we use numeric numbers without even thinking about it. It's a part of us. Our favorite TV channels, phone numbers, and other important pieces of information are represented by numbers. Numbers are easier to understand in any language and verbally much simpler then keywords to navigate and pass along to others. Give it a try and learn for yourself how simple it is to give someone a webChannel number or video number they enter the number on the virtual Remote and bam they see the video. - Simple, Fast and saves you time.

When you get a webChannel®, you'll have a Unique Channel Identifier number, which allows users to access your webChannel. So instead of remembering long URLs (which you can always do using keywords), however if you remember its numbers then you can go direct to what you want to watch, that's all one has to do is remember to use the webChannel number. Like remembering channel numbers on television if one goes to it very much people will remember because it saves them double time. Your number could even be an Association issued webChannel number that also represents your area code and phone number if you wish - how simple is that. webChannel numbers allow people to simplify navigation across the entire Internet of connecting channels together and forming networks. Now, finding videos, documents and other pieces of content becomes much easier and direct.

Having webChannel numbers allows us to simplify navigation across the entire Internet. Now, finding documents and other pieces of content becomes much easier and direct.


Navigate & Organize Videos

The Internet is quickly becoming a very big pile of data that is difficult to navigate and because of this, finding or telling someone to go to a URL many times is way too hard for people to understand or do. This is where guiding someone to use a channel numbers or video numbers shines - It's simple as 123. To have someone watch a video just give them the video number, no push back like when giving customers a long URL that they may not be able to spell. Channel numbers and video numbers are the future to organize the internet and make it faster and simpler for all of us.

With Healthy Home Television you have the world's fastest way to learn and engage with others. Each video is assigned a video number. Using just four digits, example 1234 can provide almost ten thousand video combinations of numbers. Using five digits allows almost 100k of videos. This is simple enough to understand why we organize the internet like the Dewey Decimal system organizes books in libraries. Using the power of numbers consumers can quickly be told by webChannel owners what video number to watch improving consumer interaction with sales people.


Grow Your Business

Growing your business is about engaging with your customers and growing your customer base. With you have the most advanced tool to engage with consumers in the world. You can engage with customers 3 different ways:

  1. Our virtual remote control provides the world's fastest pure search connection to videos, photos, documents. Speeds up the sales process, by telling your customers by numeric number what you want them to watch.
  2. ?Ask Us - feedback loop allows consumers to send comments specifically for a video number they've consumed and give you an opportunity to respond directly, keeping the conversation in tack.
  3. Using the / OnNowTV webReporter® App allows viewers to send videos, Ask questions or get notifications and videos from users on your webChannel while you're on the go.