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  • World's Fastest interface for viewing Videos OnNowTV.com

    A Global Business News Resource, Service and Provider. Network Partnerships and licenses available      OnNowTV .com Broadcasting Association - patents pending - all rights reserved - Call ...


    Get all the latest news and information about America's longest running home and health expo. For more information about the EXPO go to HealthyHomeEXPO.com- Check out all the OnNowTV.com video's on this channel.

  • Healthy Home® Association

    The Science of what makes a Healthy Home® ...  ...  There's No Place Like a Healthy Home®  United States Trademark Office registration of Healthy Home REGISTERED UNDER US CLASS : IC 036. US 100 ...

  • Electrode Medical Association - The new beginning for Medicine

    Restore Quality of Life without Drugs, Surgery or Side-Effects. Electro-Current Technology IS proven to dramatically reduce recovery time and allow the body to heal. Electrode Medical Association has developed the “4 Bo...


    Planning the perfect wedding can be an exciting, but also overwhelming experience. So we help Oklahoma brides experience all the inspiration, ideas, and resources available to them, at one spectacular event. Join okBride and regis...

  • BugFree Home Wrap & Termite Injector2 Beneath home System

    BugFree/Termite Defense System - Safer, and saves you money The World's Best Built-In BugFree and Termite Defense System. We all know the serious dangers and complications that arise from pesticide use. The patented injecto...

  • Healthy Home Television

    For over 17 years Healthy Home TV  has lead the way for promoting methods for green living and healthier home building. America's largest collection of OnNowTV resource for homebuilding, solar, remodeling, decorating and ...

  • webChannel Tutorial Videos

    Tutorial Videos so you can better manage your webChannel®.  webChannels are exclusive video powered web pages with unique numbers assigned to them. These numbers are used for navigation and accessing the webChannel.&nb...

  • International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology (IBE)

    IBE is committed to teaching you how to have both healthy (occupant-friendly) and green (earth-friendly) homes, offices, and schools. IBE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to environmental education. ...

  • G.L.V. International LTD

      GLV International Ltd. is a successful leading manufacturer and global distributor of quality assured flexible insulated and non-insulated air ducts. At its new and modern ISO certified production facilities located...

  • Indoor Biotechnologies

    Biotechnology company specializing in manufacturing innovative products for investigating environmental and immunologic aspects of asthma and allergic diseases. Indoor Biotechnologies is an immunodiagnostics and biotechnology c...

  • Graywolf Sensing Solutions

    Harnessing the power of mobile computers to provide advanced enviromental measurements. In 1998, GrayWolf Sensing Solutions was formed to provide advanced sensor and software technology, employing the power of mobile and embedd...

  • Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. - An environmental laboratory

    Providing quality and timely environmental microbiology analytical services. Aerobiology Laboratory Associates, Inc. is an environmental laboratory focused on client support with laboratories in Atlanta, GA, Denver CO, and ...

  • Carrier -Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration

    The world leader in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. From the time our founder invented the basics of modern air conditioning in 1902, Carrier has been the world leader in air conditioning, heating and ...

  • United Technologies

    Makes hydrogen powered fuel cells with virtually no emissions. UTC Power, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), based in South Windsor, Conn., is a world leader in developing and producing fuel cells that generat...

  • Suntech Power

    One of the largest leaders in the solar industry, they have worked with such companies as Google Headquarters. Creating a greener future. That's what we do. At Suntech, we're addressing tomorrow's energy needs today...

  • Kohler

    Check out faucets with carbon tubing, stainless steel sinks, and more with Kohler! Since 1873, Kohler Co. has been improving the lives of its customers with exceptional products and services. Our diversity of products a...

  • Sherwin-Williams

    Green paint for your home or business?! See what this product is about here! Since its founding by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams in 1866, The Sherwin-Williams Company has not only grown to be the largest producer of paints ...

  • Sharp Electronics

    Producing a more aesthetically pleasing system combines solar function with clean lines and beauty. At Sharp Electronics Corporation, a U.S. subsidiary of Osaka-based Sharp Corporation - a company known worldwide for its unique...

  • Rheem Manufacturing Company

    The worlds leader in water heating technology. They are constantly introducing new products to the public in the way of solar energy. Rheem Manufacturing Company was established in the mid-1920s when brothers Richard and Donald...

  • Pella Corporation - Innovation at its best

    An innovative leader in creating a better view for homes and businesses by designing, testing, manufacturing and installing quality windows and doors for new construction, remodeling and replacement applications. Innovative pro...

  • Nuheat

    Tired of cold bathroom floors? See what this Canadian company is offering! Nuheat is the leading manufacturer of an electric radiant floor heating system. The Nuheat Systems bring soothing warmth to tile, stone, laminate and en...

  • Maytag

    Recently named one of America's Most Admired companies, Maytag Corporation is a US $4.7 billion home and commercial appliance company, headquartered in Newton, Iowa. With approximately 20,000 employees worldwide, Maytag is ...

  • Whirlpool

    Whirlpool Corporation is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with 69 manufacturing and technology research centers around the globe. The company markets Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, ...

  • UL Systems

    See why the solar industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and how all panels must go through a strict screening process. UL is the trusted resource across the globe for product safety certification and compliance solutions. ...

  • Kitchen Aid

    KitchenAid manufactures and markets a full line of premium-price home appliances, including microwave and conventional ovens, cooktops, refrigerators, dishwashers, in-sink garbage disposal units, and automatic clothes washers and ...

  • GreenVolts, Inc

    Scalable, Reliable, High Performance Solar   GreenVolts has taken an integrated systems approach to development of complete Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) solutions that combines: State-of-the-art proprie...

  • Fujitsu

    Check out these top of the line temperature control units!

  • Ford Work Solutions

    Radio frequency technology to keep track of your tools and more with this specialized commercial vehicle!

  • Evergreen Solar

    A solar panel manufacturer using a string process with string silicon.

  • Cruise Car, Inc

    Manufacturing a solar hybrid car which are street legal on roads up to 35 MPH and can go to speeds of 25 MPH.

  • Bosch

    Solar thermal heating solutions for domestic hot water and space heating. They can offset 30% of your heating costs. This line of products say quality and efficiency.

  • 3M

    A solar panel using a Fresnel lens to harness the light into a high performance cell.

  • Athenian Marble Co.

    Owner Curt Cobb takes you on a tour of products his company Athenian Marble has to offer. They import marble and granite from all over the world to make your home mesmerizing and awe-inspiring. Check it all out ---You will like it...

  • Permanent Roofing Systems

    Watch this clip to view the last roof you will ever have to buy!

  • Breath of Salt

    Himalayan Crystal salt is the most beneficial, cleanest salt available on this planet! It contains 84 trace minerals, the same as naturally exists in our body. It assists in cellular absorption of minerals. It helps reple...

  • Blue Line Innovations

    We have all been there. You get the mail, open up that electric bill and nearly fall over. With this state of the art device, it will help you save hundreds if not thousands a year on your electric bill.


    Watch John Allsbury show you a new and better way to protect your shower floor and walls. - Its better and green. Based on his extensive knowledge of tile assemblies, Werner Schlüter has consistently met the need...

  • The Comfort Zone Shop

    Want a 24/7 personal masseuse in your own home? Now you can have one with these amazing products.

  • Bath Fitter

    Do you have a shower that is stuck in the 70's? If so, watch this clip and they will show you how easy and simple it is to custom fit a whole new bathroom over your existing bathroom in one day.

  • Advanced Water Solutions

    We will show you how our years of experience combined with technology can make regular water even better for you....

  • The Zone (Demo Channel)

    OnNowTv Channel

  • Kitchen Craft

    A line of cookware that makes life easier, and food taste better. From a novice chef to a professional no one can go wrong!

  • Filter Tech

    We spend most of our time in our homes and offices, and that means you spend most of your time breathing in those places as well. It is not just how often you change, but the type of filter you use as well.

  • TBK Industries, LLC

    The cleaner neater solution for transporting harvested game or for aging meat. The Trophy Bag Kooler protects the hide and meat of your harvested game. Keeping your harvest cool is paramount to preventing spoilage and the Troph...

  • eLBiB - Electronic Library by Industry and Business

    eLBiB - Electronic Library by Industry and Business

  • Yost Family Chiropractic

    Getting back adjustments is not only a necessity for a one-time fix, but a necessity as a way of life. Getting regular adjustments keeps your body aligned for better overall health.

  • Carlson's Mailbox Company

    Technology that will flash a light inside of your home when the mail has arrived. It takes the time of checking and the anticipation our of waiting.

  • Faith Electric Inc

    No matter what part of the county you live in, we have all been there. This company will show you their generators that are easy to install and maintain so that you don't have to be left without electricity again.

  • Airedale Computer Solutions, Inc

    We have all seen the high tech video surveillance devices outside of million dollar homes. Now you too can have one at a fraction of the cost to put in your own home.

  • Albee's Duct Cleaning

    Most of us clean our homes, but did you know that it is just as important, if not more, to keep your ducts clean? Watch this clip and learn exactly why it is vital to clean your air ducts, and how it is done.

  • Angelic Enterprises

    Learn why this company call themselves Angelic Enterprises. It is truly a company that offers its heart and soul to every customer.

  • Arbonne International

    Want a skin and makeup product that is natural, natural, healthy, and takes years off your face in a matter of days? Check this clip out, as you are taken on a tour of all the best their company has to offer.

  • Baldwin Enterprises

    Many of us have siding on our homes. It is a great way to add color, style and texture to a home. See how to replace your existing siding for a home makeover, or picking the right siding for your new home can make all the differ...

  • Leisure Living

    Want a flag pole, but don't want to deal with the hassle of getting it up and down? Now you don't have to. With these flag poles, you can simply lower the pole now matter how tall it may be, change your flag, and raise it back u...

  • FourteenSix Christian Church Video Site

    Thanks for visiting! Click the blue buttons near the top of the page for recent Sunday messages and some ministriy intro videos, or click "All Videos" on the right for our see all the videos in our archive. Enjoy!

  • Brixton Square Chiropractic

    Watch this clip and learn how Chiropractic, with the use of a high tech machine, can pinpoint exactly what is going on in your back in a matter of minutes, and what you can do about it.

  • Coffee Health and Hope

    Many of us drink a daily cup of Joe or even two. Why not make that daily cup of coffee count with a delicious drink of

  • Covenant Filtration

    Our body is made up of mostly water, so don't you think the quality of H2O we put back in counts? Of course it does, they show you why it matters and how you can get some of the best water on the planet.

  • LENNOX - Home Comfort Systems

    Lennox is built on a legacy of innovative firsts, from the introduction of the riveted-steel furnace in 1895 to some of the most efficient air conditioners available today. Over the years, Lennox has set the standard for home c...

  • Edmond Marble Company

    When you think marble you think beauty and quality, and that is exactly right. See all the beautiful products they have and how you can have them in your very own home.

  • Energy Patch

    If you could put a patch on your body that would instantly revitalize and reenergize you, there is no doubt most of us would make a sprint for one. Whether you are working long days at the office, or are a busy Mom, this will natu...

  • Eternal Reflections of Oklahoma

    So many people today feel exhausted, have headaches, or body pains and yet a traditional doctor cannot tell you why. That can all be changed by seeking out an energy specialist to do a full body review starting from the inside ou...

  • C&H Enterprises

    There are few things better for you than getting into a sauna and sweating out toxins and impurities. Take a tour through one of their infrared saunas and see why infrared is the best.

  • Genuine Care Rehab Services

    We have all been there, If I only had blank it would make life so much easier. Check out their wide variety of products to simplify your life.

  • Ground Zero Storm Shelters

    There are few things more terrifying than knowing a tornado or high-wind storm is heading your way, and not have a safe place to go. They show you how they construct this life-saving devices and how they install to keep you and y...

  • Hansen Chiropractic Center

    Back health is vital to how you feel, the energy you have, and all around attitude.

  • Healing Touch

    From the time a baby is born there is nothing more powerful you can do than hug, kiss, and cuddle that little bundle of joy. See how certain points on your body can change the way you feel instantly.

  • Juice Plus

    We all know the importance of eating our daily fruits and vegetables, byt how many of us actually have the time to eat our daily allotment? With just a simple dose of this concentrated formula you can have all the health benefits...

  • Kitchens, Baths, and Granite

    Thinking of remodeling? You don't want to miss this clip.

  • Klini Sound Wave

    Ever wish you could take a 10 minute trip to the beach and come back relaxed and de-stressed? Well, now you can by using this zero gravity chair and headset combo. A few minutes in this device will leave you feeling like you jus...

  • Koenig Chiropractic

    Chiropractic has long been a vital science that can leave a person feeling healthy and energized. They will show you just how specific chiropractic is not only healthy, but necessary in everyday life functions.

  • Legendary Enterprises

    Purging daily toxins that we soak up through our skin and lungs is vital to overall health. Legendary Saunas has saunas for everyday use in a variety of sizes to keep you healthy and toxin free.

  • LOL OK Association

    They say laughter is the best medicine. Watch this clip to show you how laughter combined with yoga can leave you stress free and happy, what sounds better than that?

  • MB Natural

    They say your eye is the window to the soul, but it may also be the window to your health. They will take a picture of your eye, focusing on the iris itself to detect any healthy problems that need to be remedied. You don't want...

  • Mosquito Masters Misting Systems

    Eliminate that annoyance by installing this fantastic system around your house, to eliminate the pesky critters so that you can enjoy a day or evening outdoors in peace.

  • Mr Water LLC

    The quality of water we drink is one of the most important things we can place into our bodies. Don't compromise your health just because you don't have the right water system.

  • Natural Wisdom

    If there was one machine that could eliminate all your aches and pains would you use it? I think the answer is yes, most would not hesitate. Check this out to see the technology that uses ionic's to heal your body.

  • P2000 Insulation Systems

    If you are building a home, insulation is something you want to make sure you have right. Check this out!

  • Nana's Pawpaw Patch

    From snacks, to daily meals that taste great, Nana's Paw Paw Patch has supplements that incorporate all your daily nutrient requirements in a single dose. This store has everything from snacks, to grocery items and so much more.

  • The Wyatt Group

    Concentration, coordination, and mental agility is vital to your overall sense of self. This device helps strengthen people mentally and physically by forcing them to use concentration and mental strength to become stronger, more...

  • McKitttrick Precast Concrete

    A patented system that creates a beautiful surrounding wall that comes in four different options. This is a must see!

  • The Laughing Rabbit Soap Company

    We all use soap every day of our lives. But, it is the kind of soap that really matters. Most soaps bought over the counter are filled with harsh chemicals that stay on your skin all day, seeping into your body.

  • Reliv International

    Aging, pollution and daily toxins affect us all. Reliv explains their product line and how it can help you to live a long, healthy, and energized life. For this company, health is All in the jar.

  • Renew You

    Massage is a health tool that many of us don't realize the benefits from. Getting a weekly or bi-weekly massage can purge toxins out of the body and also work out muscle tightness which leads to a stress free self.

  • Sanctuary

    When we get sick it is generally because our immune system is not functioning at its optimal level. You can change all of that by checking out the products from Sanctuary.

  • Orange TKO

    Most of the cleaning products on the grocery store shelf are extremely toxic and over a period of time can lead to many health problems. Get rid of that risk by using this! All natural and cleans better than traditional products...

  • Soy Candle Cottage

    Soy Candles are made from 100% natural Soy Ingredients so you can feel safe, and your home can smell great the healthy way.   Benefit of Hand Poured Soy Candles (A cleaner, healthier choice):   ...

  • Therametics

    Most women and even men are on the constant search for the perfect skin care line. Search no more, these products are derived from therasol is natural line that is for all ages from problem skin to anti-aging.

  • TS Heat & Air

    It is getting harder and harder to find that perfect heat and air company to service all of your needs in an educated and timely manner. Watch this clip to learn more. TS HEAT & AIR, INC. was established in 1983 and is sti...

  • Zija

    Who wouldn't want to drink a tasty, delicious drink that has many health benefits.

  • Wood Chuck Chop

    Wanting an artistic, handmade, one-on-a-kind piece for your home? Check out this clip and see the variety of unique pieces that can add to the ambiance of your home.

  • World Ventures

    Need that great escape? A vacation like non-other? Go no further! World Ventures will plan your whole trip for you, so all you have to do is pack your bag and head off to a relaxing and life changing trip.

  • The Seasoned Reader

    Seasoned Reader is a publication directed to people 55 years of age and older. If you are in the prime time of your live, this paper can offer you so much, from events to attend, informative articles, and so much more.

  • Re-Bath

    There are few things more relaxing than turning the lights down, and taking a nice hot bath, but if your bathroom is less than glamorous it can make bath time less than relaxing. Chang all of that and transform your entire bathro...

  • High Plains Siding Company

    View this clip to see high-quality windows and siding. Learn about the various types of windows and many options and colors of siding that can transform your existing home or create your dream home. High Plains Siding is a thi...

  • Partners-Publishing LLC

    Learn about the book

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