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What People Said About The Maui Wowie Hemp Dog® & VCU Hemp Dog® Cart

What People Said About The Maui Wowie Hemp Dog® & VCU Hemp Dog® Cart

About Us

My name is Cindy Hopper-Sheaffer. I have been an advocate for hemp and in the industry for 20 years.

I became an entrepreneur in 1982 at age 21 as co-owner of Frank’s New York Italian Style Pizzeria & Restaurant. After inventing a jewelry board used to macramé hemp jewelry, I started Hemp Sisters in 1997 and offered one of the largest selections of hemp and other natural fiber products on the web. I opened several small retail stores before designing the “Hemp Hut” kiosk for the Galleria Mall in Johnstown, PA and the 10 x 20 portable “Hemp Hut” retail store. The traveling Hemp store was very popular at events like AutumnFest at Seven Springs Ski Resort.  In 2003 Hemp Sisters received the HIA FIVE YEARS IN HEMP AWARD by the Hemp Industries Association.

My quest for a healthier lifestyle is what drives my vision to “heal the world” with hemp once again. Combining my restaurant experience with my passion for hemp, I developed a brand new concept that I believe is going to be the “Next Big Thing” in America and abroad!  We plan to help America get healthy with “nature’s perfect food” while helping the economy “grow.” 

I am on an important mission, to get me AND the world healthy again! We have spent the last three years developing a nutritious line of 40+ products using the healthiest food source on the planet, Hemp. A handful of Hempseed meets the body’s daily requirements for Both Essential Fatty Acids and Protein. There is no other natural source of both complete protein and correctly balanced essential fatty acids making Hemp, “Nature’s Perfect Food.”  

My team and I have taken American Classics like Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Pizza and made them super healthy with hemp, the “Superfood” rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Our menu offers something for everyone, from organic meat products to Kosher, Vegan/Vegetarian options.  

We are ready to make it happen and seeking partners to bring our Hempelicious line of food products and franchise models to the world! Now is the time to show the world that Hemp is the unexpected answer for our environmental and economic recovery, just as I read in "Hemp, Lifeline to the Future," Chris Conrad's book that changed my life... 

I was present when HB699 passed unanimously in the House, broadening the scope of hemp in Virginia to include the commercial “manufacture of industrial hemp products.”  Planet Hemp™ is building the market so when the farmers are ready, we will have created the demand forAmerican Grown Hemp... "Hemp, Hemp, Hurray!"

Join the Hemp Revolution  ~ Hemp Can Save the World